Monogram and Decal Sizing Guide

Most Common Monogram/Name Size Items 

These are general sizes, if you have something that you would like a specific size recommendation please email us at


Coffee Cup or 20oz (or smaller tumbler) 2-3" inches

Back of Phone - 2-3" depending on model 

Water Bottle - 3" 

Large Tumbler 30oz (or larger) - 3-4"

Planner or Mid-Sized Notebook- 3"

Regular Sized Notebook- 4-5"

iPad Case - 4-5"

Laptop Side of Mouse - 3" 

Laptop Lid - 4-5 if in the corner / 6-8" if you are looking to take up a majority of the lid. 

Back window of vehicle - corner 4-6 - mid-windshield 7-12"