Alright gather around y’all…we’ve got a story to tell. 

 Ever wonder how we came up with our name?!  

Well here we go…because it’s kind of a long story. 

For as long as I can remember my mom and I have wanted to have a business together I can’t really remember I time that we didn’t say “oh when we have a shop one day we need to have something like this in it while holding or talking about xyz” 

When we initially began, it was called “Home Pl8 Designs” because I wanted to create sports apparel that was girly —specifically baseball because my boyfriend at the time — now husband played baseball for our college, Abilene Christian University Hence the Home Plate but he was number 8 — so it was a play on words in a sense. (we met in an entrepreneurship class so he always jokes like “well I should have seen this coming”)  

Then I graduated from college in 2016 & became a marketing director for Chick-fil-A and did some designing / making on the side for friends, their weddings and showers but never really got to put too much time into the business because I had just moved to Fort Worth, gotten engaged & was planning a wedding so the idea of a shop was continuously put on the wayside. Then in December 2018 I was like “no I’m doing whatever it takes to make this happen” but after that decision I was just worn out & super sick and found out I was pregnant with Emma in January of 2019 so I put the shop dreams on hold to focus what energy I did have on getting ready for Emma & working at Chick-fil-A. 

 Then Emma was born — I always knew I wanted to either work soley from home or be a stay at home mom or some variation of that so once I had my bearings to a degree with Emma and was ready to get creative again with the shop we were invited to a pop up to take custom orders and it was canceled — because the pandemic hit.  

Move a little forward to June of 2020 I was determined to make “Home Pl8 Designs” take off even if the world was in fact shut down I was going to learn how to code the website to make it reflect my taste and style but I moved away from the sporty aspect of it and wanted it to be girly with monograms and custom pieces for weddings & events. 

 I worked all summer on putting together the site, picking the colors and all the things that make a brand a brand, I had been getting orders from friends and friends of friends for custom masks for baby showers, bachelorette parties and weddings but something was off about it. I couldn’t relate to Home Pl8 Designs anymore so I went back in forth with my mom who was a medical sales rep at the time and doing really well in her industry so she wasn’t able to be in the mix at the time and I just kept going back to her with “I just don’t feel tied to the name anymore I don’t know what to do — I want to incorporate Emma in the name but I don’t want to in such a way that if I have another baby that they aren’t included in the name also.” I think this back and forth on brainstorming went on for the better have of a month and a half then in September when I was putting the final touches on Emma’s first birthday it just clicked — what do I want this businesses foundation to be —  what is the purpose behind it and that was easy, to be there for their celebrations. I remember calling my mom on FaceTime and being like “MOM — a party isn’t a party to you without confetti and a celebration isn’t a celebration to me without peonies” and so Peony & Confetti Co. was born.