About Us

Danielle Eager (Co-Owner)

Danielle is a 20 something college grad from Abilene Christian University, married to her college sweetheart Tyler, mama to their sweet baby girl Emma & dog mom to their pup MacLaren Oliver. Danielle dreamed up Home Pl8 designs in a college class her senior year of college, she took the business plan to her mom, co-owner Geri Woods to proof read it and Geri was in love with the idea so they decided to start working on creating the business. 

Danielle runs the social channels and helps with the designing of product.

 Geri Woods (Co-Owner) 

Geri is married to her high school sweetheart, mom of two and deserves all the good things the world because she put up with Danielle from ages 13-18. Geri loves all things classic, fun and workout related. When Danielle took her the plans she couldn't wait to get this venture launched.

Geri makes sure every product comes out as perfect as it can be, helps with the designing of products and hand makes each shirt that we sell.

MacLaren (Danielle's Office Assistant) 
MacLaren (usually goes by Mac) is Danielle's best pal, usually wherever Danielle goes Mac isn't too far behind. He's best known for his love of an intense game of fetch and stealing the covers at night. 
A B O U T   U S

Where did you get the name Peony & Confetti Co. from?

We weren't always Peony and Confetti Co., we were originally Home Pl8 and that came from my love of baseball, I came up with the name in college when my then boyfriend, now husband played baseball at Abilene Christian university, I was so disappointed that a brand didn't exist that made women's clothes to wear to baseball games so I set out to change that. I wanted something that tied back to baseball but also incorporated my husbands baseball number into it, which was 8 and that's how Home Pl8 was born. 

After I set out to make functional and stylish baseball apparel that women WANTED to wear I got engaged and bridesmaid proposals didn't exist, so I started making items for our engagement and wedding, then I had friends come to me looking for things for their wedding showers and bachelorette parties. I thought, "why not add this to my shop?" 

Now, I'm a mama and I want cute, stylish and functional "mama" things for my little lady and I, so that's how we've expanded into a mama and me collection. 

My mom (co-owner of the shop) and I debated about changing the name of the shop to something cute and fun, something if we were to the name we would stop in our tracks just to  shop at that store and we agreed the name Home Pl8 Designs just wasn't "it" so we set out to come up with the perfect name for our shop. We thought of a million different things but kept coming back the fact we want to have fun "must-haves", gifts and items for celebrations and for me, it's not a celebration if it doesn't have peonies and for my mom it's not a celebration if there isn't confetti...no seriously, she cannot mail a birthday card without stuffing it full of confetti. 


Where are you based out of?

We are based out of Fort Worth (Danielle) and Abilene (Geri). 

Where did you get the idea to open a shop?

When I was a little girl, my dream was to be a fashion designer. I have been obsessed with all things pink, fashion and monogrammed since I was barely toddling around. 

*Fun Fact* I was into monogramming and putting my name on my things before I realized it was "a thing" when I was a little girl I would get whatever I could write with and put my name or initials on all of my things...even some things that weren't actually my things. One time my parents bought me an adorable Minnie Mouse bedspread when I was three or four years old and once my mom washed it and put it on my bed I got a pink gel pen and I wrote my name at the foot of my bed, I remember my dad was so mad at me, I very clearly remember him saying, "why did you do that!" My response was, "....I wanted people to know it was mine." 

Fast forward a few years and my "high end fashion design" skills were certainly lacking but my idea of having clothing and accessories in a boutique style shop never left my heart. My last year in college in order to graduate I had to complete a full scale business plan and I thought "well...why not?!" and here we are a shop full of all the things I love, monograms, pink, bridal, mama and custom gifts. I hope you'll stick around and take a look. This shop is very near and dear to my heart. My dream is that this can be a legacy for my daughter Emma and all of my future bébés. If there is anything we can help you with or create for you please email us at hello@peonyandconfettico.com