What are the shop hours?

Our Shop operates 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday CST (unless there is a holiday, in that case we will be closed.) We are not available during any hours not listed.

How do I start the customization process on a cup, banner or confetti?

If you are wanting to customize your order with a graphic that isn't shown on our personalized cups, banner, confetti listings we encourage you to email us at hello@peonyandconfettico.com with your theme, event date and as much details as possible -- any decor or pictures of invitations are appreciated that way we can   create a uniform look with our products and your decor/graphics. There will be a $5 customization fee for the design proof and additional $2 charge if things are continuously tweaked, custom graphics take a lot of design time and work so continuous updates will have an additional fee, that is why we recommend you sending as many details and photos as possible upfront. 

I have my own artwork, where do I send the files? 

All 'pre-designed' art is subject to review on how delicate the design is but we welcome design inquiries. 

Inquires and artwork can be sent to our email at hello@peonyandconfettico.com.

You can expect to hear an answer back from us within 2-3 business days.

How long will it take to receive design proofs on my personalized/custom cups?

It typically takes 2-3 business days to receive your design proofs back from us upon ordering. 

How long will it take for production to begin on my personalized/custom cups?

Production will begin on your order once you approve your designs and we get the go ahead from you our turnaround time is traditionally 10-15 business days. 

What is the difference on personalized or custom cups?

Custom Cups are entirely your own artwork or you send us a theme and we come up with the artwork. 

Personalized Cups are an addition of a name or a minor tweak to the design. 

Do you have any pre-designed cups? I don't have anything custom or personalized that I want on them.

We have quick ship cups with predesigned art that you can choose from and select your design color and cup color -- however the graphic is not customizable. If you order from this selection and you will not receive any design proofs as you will be receiving the design as shown in the photo just with different colors depending on what you order. 

What is the shipping time on my order? 

1-7 days depending on what you select at checkout.

My event is cancelled -- what is your cancellation policy? 

We do not accept cancellations on orders due to the fast turnaround time on non personalized items and the personalized nature of our custom items.

If an issue arises with an event being cancelled we suggest you contact us as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee that it isn't already in production. If it is already in production we cannot cancel your order, if your order isn't already in production we will require a design fee for any custom graphics and artwork.